Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hannah's First Piano Recital

Me,Hannah,Hayden and Gracie is actually in these two pictures she is standing behind me hiding...she fell asleep during the recital and woke up in a grumpy mood...Gracie staying up past 8 pm is not a good idea :)

hannah coming in with her classmates for piano

Hannah Playing her Piano Piece

-a good night's sleep (ALL OF US) last night
-Gracie's Class at school and her teachers
-Lunch with 3 amazing girlfriends
- A good car to pick my kids up from school and take them and pick them up from activities....
-Hannah's first Piano recital...She did great! I am so proud of her!
-God's Love and Mercy in my life...I don't deserve it, but Oh i am so glad he Loves me :)
-Trusting God with Every part of my life :)
-Our awesome family room and the cozy warm feeling of our home :) Thank you Jesus for everything you have given me :)it's all yours!

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