Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas on this wonderful Christmas eve day...I am so blessed and thankful this beautiful morning!

I am merry today because I am

-feeling much better after being so sick....I literally thought about all of those children and adults alike who are sick like i was, but who stay sick from chemo and other meds for a major illness and i began to pray for those people while sick myself because that could be me...I would rather have some stomach virus that only last a few hours and i feel so fortunate to be healthy! May God's loving hand of healing, mercy, grace and peace touch the lives of those who are sick and dying and the families who are suffering also all around the world!

-Thankful For My sweet Jesus For being born in a manger and coming to this cruel place to save a loser like myself! I was driving about a week ago and heard Away in a manger...I began to cry, because My saviour came to this wretched place and when he did he saw me all these years later...He saw my family, He saw me right where I am! But He still came, gave himself...the perfect gift :)

- Glad to see the joy in my girls eyes and the expectancy..oh to be a child again! Child Like Faith!

-Full of Hope, Faith, Love, Works(Giving) Christmas in a Nutshell and the Main Ingredients

-i am proud of My amazing husband who has really and truly learned the meaning of giving to others and his heart is truly beautiful behind each gift and he encourages me to want to do better at it myself...It is truly a Joy to share with others :)

-So grateful for friends who still love me even though i am not the greatest of friends to them sometimes...those who care still and those who continue to pray for me! i love you dearly

-So excited about giving and seeing others turn into audacious givers themselves :)

( Listen it isn't what you give or how much you give to others, but it is the Heart behind the gift! I know a lot of folks, some of which are family who give in offerings or to others and do it with a cold heart or think silently of what they could be doing with the gift they are giving or even thinking I need this gift or blessing myself (btw HoW selfish)...If you do that don't give because again it is the heart and motive behind the gift that matters so much more than the actual gift itself...Stop and think about that this Christmas...Have you blessed someone today or this Christmas season...helped out or even given back to God by using your time and talents? With a Cheerful Heart mind you :)!?!?! something to think about! When you give cheerfully you will be blessed not just financially but in every way! Giving not only includes finances or tangible gifts but it also includes forgiveness, love, those types of you want to be forgiven you must forgive....give and it shall be given...and so on :))


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