Monday, December 22, 2008

Forgot to give thanks! My Last Post I PROMISE for the Night

I am Thankful For:

-Shane's Message Today I needed it :) I have a lot of work to do on myself :)

-RP Field Services (Our Family Business) this has been our main source of income for almost eight years.....I am so thankful for the business taking off and for God Blessing it as He has... we don't deserve it, but I am so grateful and appreciative for the work and the ton of workers who drive all over 6 states! Thank You Jesus for your blessings...What is here today might be gone tomorrow but I give you thanks anyways :) for ever and always :) You can't out Give God Never

-Our Precious Friends/Family Pastor Jimmie and Dana and Trey! We love you guys...You are one of the most amazing, talented pastor's families We know and you are for sure the most kind, humble and loving people We have ever ever known and We are honored to call you family but even more so friends :)Again We LOVE you guys :) and We appreciate our friendship and pray for nothing but blessing over your family and church......All of us Crazy Stones Love YOU!

- My awesome house! I LOVE IT and feel so blessed to be in it! It is perfect for us stones :) HEHEHEHEHE and no it isnt the biggest house on the block, but it is just right for us :) God knows what we need :) when we need it!

- Jesus and the Honor to Worship him with my family today not only once but twice.....

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