Saturday, November 22, 2008

sleepy but thankful

I am thankful for...
*my hannah, she is adorable and i have enjoyed spending some time with her....she makes me laugh so hard and everytime i look at her i see my reflection :)
* my gracie (fancy nancy) Although i have enjoyed just hannah this weekend, When gracie isn't home it is VERY obvious and she is missed so badly :(....I love my little princess
*Hayden (WOW) he has been a pill the past few days...He has screamed and cried and screamed and cried and I have screamed and cried and screamed and cried too :) LOL...PHEW....He is getting his top teeth in and he is seriously troubled by these new teeth cutting much as his ill pill self can make a sane person crazy...That little booger is the most precious baby boy ever...He can be crying so hard and then stop to crying and look up at me with his big eyes and grin showing me his two bottom teeth...I am so grateful to have such a sweet little boy...
*My day today has been great...Got to spend some wonderful time with my family minus gracie who is having a blast with her best friend emily :)...
*I am so tired, but so thankful that hayden is asleep :) he fought me again tonight but feel asleep at 10 pm so yay! we are doing good before midnight :)
*Had a blast with our friend dana and jimmie and sweet trey....i love dana to pieces she makes me giggle and jimmie is so funny...we went to the mall after dinner and it was just hilariously fun hanging out with them :)

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