Sunday, November 23, 2008

i am thankful for:

1. My cute shirt i bought from buckle friday night...Dana picked it out! she did good!
2. Great church...It was pretty funny today and I like practicing what shane preaches LOL HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE all you that was there today will totally know what i am talking about.....
3. That I have packed my whole kitchen! Pretty impressed since i was able to do this with 3 kids who are fussy and not feeling well!
4. Hayden falling asleep at 9:15 AHHHHHH it's about stinkin time! He has fussed almost all day! I have heard him fuss for 4 days straight and man I am telling you! I am ready for my baby boy to start acting like himself :)
5. Getting to see some old friends at abundant life today when we picked up gracie! it was nice to see them :)
6. Gracie being home...I LOVE my Fancy Nancy :) HEHEHEHEHE
7. Hannah helping me pack....LOL she drives me nuts LOL but she is too cute ;)
8. SHane ;)
9 Our New House! I am so excited! I am almost in shock LOL hehehehehe i can't believe it and so i haven't reacted with glee yet because i don't think it has hit me! :) but nevertheless...I am excited and so thankful for our cute house :) YAY :)
10. The Bath that I am fixing to take! RELAX TIME :) hehehehehehehe :)

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