Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Hit Ousier

Well, I am ill...What's new right :) LOL....I have no real reason, but just feel like punching something...Where is Ousier (My Favorite Character from Steel Magnolias) when you need her... LOL I actually enjoyed my day yesterday even though i have been stopped up and sneezing...I hung out with Hayden and ate warm soup...Watched a couple of shows..It was nice and relaxing...I guess i need to get out today...I kinda sorta have to anyway....I need some dishwasher detergent, papertowels and stage 2 baby food....Gonna try hayden on it...He is almost six months old ya know ;)....Hard to believe....I normally don't stop and do nothing for a cold i keep going :) and going and going, but I didn't have the girls here and shane worked down at the church till 7 last night soooooo i just enjoyed my alone time with Hayden! I must say i miss my girls...I also think that i am ill because they aren't here....I know it sounds silly but it feels like my world is off when they are not at home as they should be...It is one thing to have all 3 gone and another to have two gone with one here or one gone with two is off balance :) I am crazy....

So i am gonna go read a little devotion and pray and get myself straight before i find myself in a not so happy place :)!!!! No reason just one of "THOSE" days!

Hope everyone is having a good day...If you aren't feeling well take some meds, eat something warm and see you in the morning :)


wrknprogress said...

Oh my, I love that part of the movie, that is sooooo funny! I hope that you are getting some joy back as the day goes on. Love ya girl!

Sarah Stephens said...

LOVE that movie!!! Hope you start feeling better...we've all had the "junk" too!