Monday, September 8, 2008

So today, I got up cleaned my whole house,showered and put on my dress LOL i just felt like being a pretty girl today :)...picked up gracie from school and headed to Hannah's school to sit with her during lunch!!! she was so excited to see, me,gracie and hayden there!!!! Got to talk to some of her teachers who are precious btw! hannah is so beautiful!!! she introduced me to her bff at school who is adorable!!

Hannah is growing so fast she has started acting like a little teenager....but at the same time she is a sweet sweet kid!!! I have been so blessed to have had 3 precious children!! :) so sweet!!!

Hannah is one of the most amazing kids i know! She loves drawing, reading, writing and is already a computer whiz kid...She is an amazing animal lover and a great horseback rider!!! she never ceases to amaze me... I love her giggles and silly ways..She reminds me of myself as a child and it drives me nuts, but makes me smile with pride because she is a little mini me!

I enjoyed our time together today...It was neat to see Hannah in her school element as well!!!

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