Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy Week

This week has been busy!!!! I started it off Monday with a pretty LAZY DAY LOL...If you wanna call laundry and cleaning house lazy, but I did my share of HEHEHEHHEEHE T.V. and just overall BLAH LOL :)!!!! the rest of this week i have been running running running :) Lunch dates and wally world, hair appointments, dentist visits and open house and dinner dates and hayden's dedication portraits :) SOO Adorable btw!!! I get them next week....I love timeless treasures in union....I was sooo sad to see my 3rd Child sit in the same chair hannah sat in a little over nine years ago :) WOW :)Gracie also sat in it as well so neat!!!! Rhonda took a adorable picture of Him naked OMG sooo precious Fat roll city Baby :) HEHEHEHHE!!!

So tonight is ballet and another open house...Tomorrow I am taking cupcakes to Gracie's Class! Then i got a sweet lunch with a bunch of rpc girls at 11 tomorrow to celebrate me and maria's birthday :) hehehhe!!! if you read this and wanna come meet us at the church at 10:45 in the morning :) tomorrow night I am having a small little party for gracie here at the house...She is turning 5 :) saturday :) They grow fast I tell you! All this running around doesn't stop until about midweek next week, WELL I take that back!!!

Saturday, Getting gracie's pedicure for her birthday then off to two bday parties...Sunday Church....Monday Hannah's horseback and Chick Pointe Connection at 7pm be there are be square LOL J/K...TUESDAY MY 30th BIRTHDAY and Hannah's piano :) :) :) :) :) :) hehehehheheeh Wednesday hayden's 4th month check up (EVEN THOUGH IS ALMOST FIVE MONTHS ) LOL and the ever so famous thursday ballet class and Friday (CLEARING THROAT) hoping for family night :) with shaney boy :)

Did i just plan next weeks events or what? LOL i guess so..Need to put it in my iphone :) LOL

ok so off to do some laundry and watch the view I KNOW I KNOW :) then go again :)


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