Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthday fun

Birthday Lunch with my Sweet Friends LORI deleted her picture :( not happy with her...We had 8 girls and 4 kids :) BIG PARTY at the Olive Garden :) LOL
I am so glad Jessica Got to come and It was cool meeting Lori's aunt :) I love you Jess.... :) Elisa you are sooo funny :) HEHEHHEEHE, LORI I am seriously getting a picture of you on here :) LOL Maria,April and Kit AHHHHH :) MY BUDDIES :) LOL I LOVE YOU ALL
I enjoyed sharing a birthday lunch with another birthday girl Maria!! :) and Gracie...We all got dessert to YUMMY :)

I love you girls we gotta do it again and maybe make the next party even bigger :)

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