Wednesday, September 10, 2008

another perspective of a church planter's wife who just happens to be my cousin :)


Thanks for sharing your story. It was encouraging. You know I was pondering the idea...
God, we are doing "all the right things" so what are we not doing "right". I heard the voice of the Lord quietly say that it's not about the people it's about ME! I provide them, I save them, I clean them, I grow them...Tina it's not about you's about ME!

Somehow the "church" world gets so wrapped up in the results that we forget to enjoy the process. God is all about process...he took 6 "days" to create the world when he could have done it in one moment. He allowed Joseph to be enslaved for 13+ years when he could have lifted him from the pit with his own hands. He anointed David as a young man, but David had to fight for what was "rightfully" his for a long time and then had to do it again after sitting on it the first time. (Girl, now that could preach). Paul studied for several years before launching his ministry after his Damascus road experience. John the Revelator even went to the isle of Patmos probably looking like a melted candle b/c he had been boiled in oil...and not to mention the very son of God had 30 years of prep time before "doing his thang" for God.

So, I've "preached" this moment to encourage myself and you to enjoy the process...I forget to see his finger prints on the little things...

I love you bunches....big hugs to you!!!

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