Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Slam

SO HUM?!?! I am a little bit upset that i lost the belt at the summer slam party!!! JASON totally didn't deserve it and He doesn't even know most of the wrestlers names...NOW see I however have been watching for (clearing throat) 10 years with my husband shane...OK OK so i haven't been REALLY watching just pretending to and acting like i cared about the fake wrestling but it (ROLLING MY EYES) is kinda fun LOL especially with a group like tonight!!! SO ok i will be nice and give it to jason since he isn't gonna be here much longer!!! BOOO HOOO HOOO!!!! I am gonna miss that big dufus LOL :) and my precious paige :( i love that girl!!! but I know they are gonna rock out austin!!! SOOO great!!! :) and I have agreed to meet them half way because i am gonna have to see them a couple of times a year soo i have agreed on ATL LOL 2 hour plane trip for them and a 2 hr drive for me :) everybody is happy LOL ok so back to summer slam LOL

I had a blast tonight hanging out with Beth and crystal, katie and kristy... You girls made wrestling actually enjoyable!!! and BOY OH BOY does that jaime know how to grill a burger or what!! OMG SO GOOD!

i love you all so much and needed a boost of encouragement! and you totally did that for me!

so for now Jason has the belt but I am seriously gonna get it next time!!! OH YES! SOOO GONNA GET LOL :) HEHHEHEHEHEHEHE

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