Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Night Fever LOL

OK soo i know my blogs are starting to look more like shanes HEHEHE but i find it easier to use the dash! so here we go again

-what an enjoyable day :) WOW! shane worked outside most of the day and I just enjoyed the kids :)
-made us brunch! Yummy eggs, turkey sauage, and french toast...Jason you would be proud of the turkey i have been using!
-actually sat down for 20 min and watched the end of a lifetime movie...i have no idea what the name of it was!
-enjoyed dinner with the Steele's they know how to fix some burgers now :)
_i have come to the conclusion shane could very possibly be a guitar hero addict if he actually played all the time...i mean i would get a little worried, but thankful he only is an occasional addict drives me nuts!
-i love shane, he is precious, all day even coming in and out of the house he has told me he loved me a million times and hugged me! he is always this way to me but i never tell him how much it means to me! so i am gonna :)
- all 3 kids are asleep and i am actually tired...I have found that having a baby helps insomnia LOL at least for a while :)
ok so i am out!
peace be with you!!! :)

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