Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer 2012 Family Stone Style

Our amazing summer in no particular order.  How blessed and yet so grateful for this beautiful life we've been given. God is good! 

Gracie (Iron Man) Hayden (Hulk)

Eating Watermelon
Happy Fourth
We love our Swimming Pool
Sidewalk Chalk Hayden and Real Hayden :)
At the musical the Lion King!
We are so blessed to be able to take our children to these amazing shows at the Peace Center!
Our little Fourth Pebble is on the way!
Hannah learned to seriously skateboard
Lion King Production at home! The Stars: Caroline and Gracie
Playing in the Rain 
Ready to dive in!
Hayden all dressed up to see The Amazing Spiderman
We celebrated the fourth with lots of sparkle
Hayden got to hold his first sparkler :)!
Cul De Sac Fun
Playing Pirates with friends
The Pillow Monster Game! Gracie was the Pillow Monster :)!
Still having fun even if there was no power! Bad storms came through!
Sleepovers in his Chair? 
And yet somehow every morning I find him in my bed!
We couldn't swim enough! Loving every minute of our Pool!
Me yes me cooking burgers for the kids on the fourth!
Hayden's favorite pool toys! Can you guess who doesn't belong?

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