Sunday, March 25, 2012

12. Describe a Typical Day in your life

A typical day for me is never typical, but I'll go with a typical Wednesday.

Make sure the girls get off to school okay (Shane takes them) Gracie has to be at school by 8:00am and Hannah has to be at middle school by 8:30 am.
-Wake Hayden up, dress him, feed him
-Take Hayden and Lily to preschool by 9 am
-Doctor or Dentist appointment (any other errand is run during this time)
-Go to the Grocery store
-Bring Grocery's home and put them up
-Straighten up the house and gather all the laundry in the house (get laundry going)
-Fix a crock pot meal and get it slow cooking.
-Pick up Hayden and Lily
-Make them lunch and play with them until about 2pm
-Take Lily home
- Pick up Gracie
-Drop Gracie off
-Pick up Hannah
-Take me and Hannah to the Orthodontist
-Come home help Gracie with homework
- make sure Hannah and Gracie get their baths
-Straighten up house again LOL Fold a load of laundry
-Feed the family
-Clean up after dinner
-Take the girls to Church
-Come back home and take Hayden to T ball practice
-Leave Shane at Hayden's t ball practice
-Go back to church for a bit and pick up girls
-Come home Bath Hayden and put him to bed
-Put the girls to bed
- Fold another load of laundry
-Take a shower or bath
-If I am lucky Get to bed by 12 am
-Wake up with Hayden 1 or 4 times depends on his mood!

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