Thursday, December 15, 2011

In love with a mouse

Its official. We are in love with a mouse.
Our fourth time at a Disney park in just two years happened only a few weeks ago. To say we had an incredible time is a complete understatement. We had such an amazing time, so much so that we are already planning to visit Mickey again in his Florida house and his California house. We love Disney. We started collecting Christmas decor last year and this year we added to the collection with pieces from Arrabas and the Art of Disney. Here is one of our paintings.I guess you can call them mementos for us to remember our precious time at such a magical place. The painting above reminded me of Hayden and Shane and how much He loves and admires his daddy.

Disney brought the pure joy of giggling with my girls as we rode the tea cups, laughing with meme as the carousel spun us round and round.
Tearing up at the music and fireworks display.
And basking in abundant adoration as my sweet 3 year old Hayden sang as loud as he could while we rode the ride "It's A Small World."
The radiant light in his eyes and the wonder that poured forth as he found something new and more spectacular each time we took a seat on a ride thought to be so simple yet so beloved to his little heart.
The glorious moment for me was when my nearly 13 year old daughter Hannah, who is becoming a young woman right before our very eyes asked if she too could dress up as a beautiful princess and have her picture taken with the castle. Our darling Gracie fluttering around as Tinkerbell and Shane wearing a mouse shirt. The music, food,
Goofy Hugs
Princess Kisses
Finding our matches
Dancing with the stars
The very merry Christmas parade and party
pool parties
shopping and most importantly the memories made will always and forever be etched on my heart.
So I find myself being very thankful to the Lord for allowing a man such as Walt Disney to create such a place for a family such as ours.
So, yes we are all in love with a mouse, but hey I heard that is how it all started.

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Sharon said... sweet cousin....soooo very touching:) You truly have a gift for words. I'm so thankful that you and your family are able to do these things together. What a blessing!! God is soooo good!! What amazing memories for your whole family. Thanks sooo much for sharing.
Merry Christmas to you and your precious family!! Love ya, Sharon