Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Gratitude

I love writing gratitude blogs...I love writing them so much that I have inspired friends, family and even strangers who have visited my blog to write them as well. I have been writing gratitude blogs for over 3 years now and being thankful is kind of a habit that I have formed. A great habit mind you! :)! This time of year is obviously my all time favorite. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. I can't stop being grateful for the holidays and the family time we share as the Family Stone, plus the beautiful and priceless memories that are made.

This Autumn I find myself sitting back and noticing the details of my family more than ever before. Holding onto the sweet memories and focusing on each little moment that is breathed into our existence because it vanishes ever so quickly as it greets us.

I am thankful for noticing the changing leaves on my beautiful tree in our backyard... They remind me that change is beautiful.
I am thankful for 3 healthy children. Who love to play, run and giggle

I am so grateful for Shane and our marriage of 13 years this November 9th. He is still the man of my dreams. I have said it 1000 times and I'll say it 1000 times again...He is my home sweet home. I am so blessed to have a man that I can be myself with, laugh with, feel 100 percent safe and loved and adored. There isn't a day that goes by that my husband, friend and lover doesn't make me feel like a queen. In everything he does he thinks about the children and me first before he ever thinks about himself. I look forward to watching our son become just like his father, a great dad, a loving mate and a true friend to those he loves with all his heart. The greatest gifts he has given me is our friendship and our children. I love how all 3 of our babies adore their daddy and look up to him...He is their hero and mine too. We have been through so much...I feel like we have lived a lifetime in just these small 13 years. Looking back over the years we have faced major storms, but with God's help we have made it and we are stronger as a couple and as a family for all of the beautiful times both good and bad that we have faced...So I am thankful for this guy below! :)

I am thankful for precious friends who I have known for a long time now and for the new ones who have graced my life with such kindness and love! Thank you Jesus for these beautiful people in my life!
I am thankful for the messes that I find not only in my house but in the yard too! The trail of toys that I am always picking up is such a blessing and reminds me everyday of the blessings of healthy active children :)
I love having a rose garden and I am so thankful that they are blooming right now. This summer our landscaper planted 12 hybrid roses bushes for. I LOVE roses...They bring me so much joy. I am thankful for the beauty they give. I am so grateful for my eye sight to behold such beauty and a sense of smell to breathe in these designs of God. By the way I didn't edit this picture. These roses are this bright! At night our landscaping lights shines up on this one in particular. It is so bright I can see if all the way from the kitchen! Beautiful!
I am thankful for our outdoor living area and the chance to sit and enjoy the fire outside on a nice brisk fall evening while our children play :)!
The Playground, My kids love it. It's huge and they play on it everyday it's not raining and I think I really fell in love with it when I saw all of Hannah's friends all in "middle school" enjoying it...It's large enough and sturdy for even Shane and I to enjoy with our babies! Thankful for playtime on our playground

I am so grateful for our home. For our precious neighbors who are kind and loving. Our home is a place that we don't like to leave, but when we do leave we are so relieved to come back. In the two years of living here we have made precious memories and I thank God for our home. He hand picked it just for us! :) Thank you Jesus! Every time I pull into the driveway I am reminded that dreams/miracles really do come true/happen :)!

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