Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Lovin

My Favorites for the summer (DRUM ROLL)

I just started wearing watches...I bought my first watch at the Affliction store in West Hollywood...It's all white and of course Affliction. I also purchased another beautiful Fossil watch with purple flowers(my favorite color) in the facing. I love my watches, but this one below is my favorite! It is super comfy and goes with just about everything!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)!
I have worn purple a lot this summer, but this is by far my favorite nail polish....It is cheap and it goes on a little bit lighter than the color you see! I LOVE IT! :)
Shane has been a buyer of Affliction for a long time now...His love for this brand started when he started watching UFC! He loves buying me stuff from Affliction and I don't pout when he surprises me with stuff from their website...This GSP (the guy we workout with everyday) :) shirt is my favorite of all the Tee's he has bought me! Purple accents and the comfy fabric make for my favorite shirt EVER! :)
I have had this MUR MUR skirt for several years and I have always loved it....It is the best summer skirt, but is also adorable with cute boots and a plaid button down...It is so different because of the ruffle in the back and it goes well with my TEE above :)!
I am addicted to these pants! I wear them all the time around the house! SO COMFY! :) I am loving them this week for sure! They are my pms pants LOL! :) When I am cramping and feeling bad these are comfy and make me feel better!~ :)

We have had Apple TV ever since Mac started selling it, but I haven't really used it to it fullest. That is until this Summer... We have been home for most of the summer because of the 15 projects going on around the house, so we have enjoyed this product a lot and I am more familar with it than ever. Netflix is on it and all of our digital copies of our blu ray's...Plus I can purchase, movies, tv shows and such at great prices...The best part is that this tiny little product syncs with my super de douper iMac and iPad so I can play my music from iTunes, while my photos from iPhoto scroll on our theater screen or t.v.! We can also sit down anytime and watch home movies! I LOVE APPLE!

I bought this perfume 2 years ago...Ran out of it a while back and finally bought more! It's my favorite!

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