Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011 Summer Update and lots of gratitude

-Loved our Family trip to the West Coast
-Had a blast at Vacation Bible school at our Church
-Enjoyed a trip to see Mamaw and Papaw in Atlanta
-Got to visit with our old Friends Jason and Paige and their darling little angel Noah.
-I was sick for 2 weeks with pneumonia, but Thank you Jesus I am better
-Enjoyed dinner out a few times with the Sinclairs
-Working on and finished up a few big projects around the house....lots of things going on around here...some not as fun as others but no pain no gain hahaha.
-finally saved up the cash to buy a family vehicle for us, finally decided on the vehicle, but we are trying to decide if we want to buy the vehicle now or wait and start a back yard project instead; then buy the vehicle a few weeks later....TOO MANY DECISIONS! overload...Yet thankful and humbled at the simple fact that we can make these decision at this time in our life...So Grateful and overwhelmed with heavy hearts from the thanks that weighs on our hearts! We don't deserve the opportunities, but we are again so grateful for them and with gratitude in our hearts we will be joyous and keep our spirits lifted for this season in our life.
-took the kids to see Cars and there are a few other movies we have seen, but I don't remember them ahhahahahaa so they must have been pretty dumb LOL
-Finally got to take the kids to the neighborhood pool
-Got to visit and swim with my best buddy Allison and Her 2 kids
-Can't wait to find out what she is having :)
-Hannah started a business with Kassidy when we got home from the West Coast and put it online! It's too cute....She is also addicted to the play station 3...She laid in bed with me all day and we watched Ghost Adventures while I was sick...Enjoyed the time with my sweet girl, but Ghost Adventures Scares me! LOL.
-Gracie has been to three sleepovers with her friends from the cul de sac, church and with an old friend...She is addicted to making cards and crafts and plays computer games way too much hahaha...
-Hayden is potty trained except for the poop part, but thank God he only does that once a day right? He likes playing outside in the morning before it gets too hot...He still play's with his train table and it makes me so happy to see him play with it....He loves Cars and Toy Story toys....He takes a car or dinosaur with him just about everywhere we go...He is a little rascal for sure.
-Shane is busy working and has turned his small work area in our theater room into what I have now named "THE UPSTAIRS DUNGEON"....He is busy, but we are thankful for the new and different work he has...It is a lot of stress and very time consuming, but the kids and myself are so grateful for all he puts up with and does because at the end of the day it's all worth it...Well sometimes hahaha LOL :)! We thank Jesus for this blessing called work and the work that is coming because there are so many without work! Thank you Jesus!
We are so thankful first and foremost for
-our health
-family time and the opportunity to take our family on trips
-our sweet friends
-our home that is cool on these hot days
-cars that take us to and fro
-our doctors THANK YOU JESUS for them
-Shane's work and the ability to do the work put forth before him...Thank you Jesus! There are so many without work...We pray everyday that we never take it for granted...
-opportunity to love and help others
-learning the ability through Jesus to forgive those who have wronged us and to say sorry to those who we have wronged...

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