Sunday, May 1, 2011

St. Francis Mud Run 2011

So Shane and I did it, We finished the mud run. We did the Warrior Dash last year and it was tough. But it doesn't compare to the run we did yesterday....WOW! It was harsh...The St. Francis Mud run was a 3.5 mile course designed in Marine Corps boot camp style...We did over 30 obstacles including climbing walls, cargo nets (SCARY TALL and slippery. I swear I thought I was going to plummet to the earth to my death.... LOL!), Low crawls, rope bridges, swings (ALSO SCARY) 80 yards of trekking through streams and lots and lots and lots of mud....Slippery mud!
We got separated from our group after the 3rd obstacle, but Shane and I managed to finish the run in about an hour and 10 min, which is an average time for a team of four. We did it as a team of two...The other two got lost from us at an intersection of runners and were believed to have skipped most of the obstacles because they finished in only 20 or 30 minutes...The best time is 30 or 40 minutes overall out of hundreds of people, so there is no way they could have made that time just the two of them. Plus they would have had to pass the team in front of us who was part of our group. This team never saw them pass and noticed that the guys were already at the finish line and there is no way that could have happened unless the skipped the majority of the course...Needless to say Shane and I kept going did it all and didn't stop...A lot of the obstacles were designed for a team of 4, but we did it just the two of us :)....It was a great fun for Shane and I to do as a team!
To top off the fun we saw a snake in the stream while I happen to be waist deep and let's just say I have never moved that fast in water before :)! I HATE snakes! Clancy and Nicole will love to know this! :)

Today I am bruised, sore and tired, but it was all worth it! LOVE IT!

Thanks to Destiny and her buddies for letting us join in! We had a blast and we will do it again for sure!

Here are some pictures!
This is our two teams before the run
This is me after we started doing the first low crawl in the mud under barbed wire...
Coming out of the mud heading to all the awful obstacles ahead!
Shane and I afterward

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