Thursday, March 31, 2011

Couponing is paying off

On average every week just by clipping coupons and following the bi-lo circular I have saved $65 this doesn't include the fuel perks at the gas station....If you add that into the average price saved it would bring it up to $75 dollars saved weekly.....This is amazing to me.....Just a few months ago I wasn't saving anything. I just went to the store and bought our grocery's without even thinking about saving any money.....I also had the fuel perks card from bi lo, but barely used it.....It blows my mind that just by watching the adds everyweek, clipping a few coupons and actually going to a bi lo fuel perks friendly gas station and using my card I have saved $75 every week.....WOW! That is $300 a month I am saving and I am not even scratching the surface of savings I could be making. This doesn't take a lot of my time....I look on and for extra saving and print them off and I also take a few min. every week to open up the sunday paper that we already get and clip coupons of the items we use. We also get another paper weekly that has the same coupons in them as the Sunday paper so for no perishable items we use a lot of these extra coupons are great! I match up my coupons with the bi lo sale's on items our family uses and that's how we are getting great deals.

I have also started saving any Target coupons....I got the new Disney Tangled blu ray/dvd combo from Target for $15 cheaper than the already low price of $19 because I took the time to save coupons and I used discounts that I had recieved from Target earlier. I save and use Yankee candle coupons and Justice and Build a Bear and Children's place coupons that come through the mail for my kids..We don't go to Build a Bear a lot, but a $10 coupon equals a $2 dollar Build a Bear...Cha Ching.. :)..40% off of a total at Justice is a HUGE savings for a family with two daughters and the 15 to 20% off of Children's place really helps to keep our son looking totally cute, but at a discount.

CVS is another store I am going to tackle over the next month or so.....I have a CVS card and I know the extrabucks really can save money if you know how to do it.

Shane is also a big saver...He doesn't coupon, but he always tries his best to get the most out of a dollar....Most of the items in our home he has bought for us at a discount, or used ebay or craigslist. Our furniture, electronics even our vacations are always because of discounts..Any trip/vacation we take is never taken at full cost we ALWAYS get hundred's up to thousands of dollars off....Mom and Pop furnitures stores will save you tons...You just have to be willing to shop around..Who knew that you can buy Ashely furniture at cost at a local furniture store vs going to an Ashely store and spending thousands more on the same items...Open box items at best buy or Hhgreg are worth looking around for and refurbished computers/phones/ ipad's and so on are always the better way to go because you save thousands by waiting and buying items like this instead of buying right when they first come out. He has also done bartering...This is something we learned from our friends, but it works....You have goods they want and they can do a trade you can't so at the end of the day each person gets a win win.....

There are so many ways to save money out there...Another neat money saver is Netflix. You can view movies, t.v. shows and so on anytime you want for the low monthly cost of $10....Taking the time to clip coupons out of Clippers magazine or moneysavers mailer's also helps....You might find great deals on restaurants that you love.

Taking the time to sit back and look at places you waste money is another great thing to do....Shane and I have done this....We switched over to energy saver light bulbs....After asking our power company for the free box of energy saver light bulbs we went and bought a few more and we have been saving 60 to 70 bucks a month just because we changed out our bulbs....We found a better phone service plan that suited us better and that will save us a couple hundred bucks a month through At&t....
Shane has been trying to do this same thing within his business....He is using our bank to do payroll instead of a major company and this is saving a ton of money a week...A little here a little there goes a long way.....

During this bad economy where people are out of jobs and suffering, where work is slow and great amounts of taxes are due and money isn't pouring in like it might have been before or it is pouring out more than ever before going to the government, and gas and so on and so forth....It is so nice to be able to see that money can be saved. The more money saved is more money earned!

Here are some great sites to help you on your path to save money! These are just a few! More to come!

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