Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Gratitude

I am so very grateful for-

* September :)

* Shane- He drives me crazy, but in a crazy lovey sort of way :)..... I love him more than my next breath...he is my excitment everyday, my comfort zone and my best friend....*********SIGH********* yes after almost 12 years he still makes me sigh :)!!!!I adore him and thank Jesus for him! :) I am a blessed woman to have such a man in my life...I am thankful for his Love towards me, kindness and thoughfulness.He is human and he makes mistakes as I do, but he is the best rebounder I know...He is an amazing father who always always thinks about his family first! I have only met one other man like him, my daddy and that is saying A LOT!!!!! I pray my son is just like the two of them :).....

* Hannah- our preteen who is so beautiful and unsure of herself, but she is blossoming into something so perfect and geniune! She is the beautiful yet rare sunset you get to see, but we are lucky and get to see it every time she is around us! :) She is our ray of sunshine and light! :)...I got to see the most beautiful sunset the other day with BEAMS of light everywhere shooting from the sun...It took my breath away and made me feel like there was nothing I couldn't do! Let's just say that's how I feel everytime I see my Hannah!

* Gracie-Our little darling princess who is fun and full of energy and lots of laughter and tears....She makes me giggle at her very presence...She is the little girl you see with the frilly dress and tennis shoes on :) hahahaha...trying to do cartwheels in her dress and always looking for an adventure..."where are we going next, what we gonna do when we get there, how are we gonna get there....." these are her ?'s...She is the one that wants to figure it all out and full of wonder! The one laying in the grass looking up at the sky and asking,
"what's out there?" She is the one that always keeps me guessing about what she will be doing next! :)!!! my little beautiful catepillar changing into a beautiful butterfly :)!!!!

* Hayden-Cars that vroom, Toy Story, Tractors, Train's, Mud and dirt, Our Dog Pee Wee, Mommy and Mommy Smoochies, Daddy, Hannah, Gracie, tearing down blocks with one swift chop...His Long sleeve hand me down p.j.'s with red and blue cars on them and holes in the knees....His juice, his popee, cookie monster, mickey mouse, being on the go, helping mommy clean, wearing crazy outfits around the house....His mouse ears, pluto the dog...Thomas the train and winnie the pooh......what's all of this........ Things My Sweet Boy Loves!

* Our Peewee we have had him for almost 12 years...he was only a few weeks old when we got him just a baby :)!!! he is now 11 almost 12 and only has a few months left on this earth with us...he has moved with us, watch me be pregnant with all 3 of my children and watch us bring them home...He has played with them, ran with them, waited for them to come home from school, snuggled with them in his old age and watches them play without him :(!!!! He is the sweetest most kindest doggie we could ever have asked for and I am so thankful for that little mutt! He is our family :) When he is gone we will have a doggie waiting for us in Heaven :) !!!!! Yes We believe most dogs go there or at least ours will :)!
* Peace

* Panther's Football - they are crappy, but they are our team....I say pick a team nearby or at least for a good reason and stick with them even when they stink...it teaches kids that hey...it doesn't matter good or bad we are still on the same team and we are still cheering for each other no matter what!

* God's Love is amazing, precious and I am totally and ridiculously unworthy of Love Like His, But I couldn't make it without Him! I am because He is!

* Cooler Weather

* My Yankee Candles - any and all of them

* Sweet New Friends that I look forward to getting to know and who I am trully grateful for having in my life at this time and place! I look forward to beautiful friendships over the years with these people!

* Old dear friends who have turned into family and the storms and trials we have endured have made us all stronger and was well worth it :)! They make me laugh, smile, feel like everything is gonna be ok and when I am with them everything is okay in the world :)!

* Turning 32, yes I am grateful for this... i am alive, I am young, I am figuring myself out more each day and I am content with myself more each day...I am healthy and beautiful...I have to work on the beauty inside and out everyday!!

* Jesus WOW...How he loves me.....He is Alive and although I know I am the worst at showing his love to others he never has any trouble showing me his! :)

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