Monday, April 26, 2010

Gratitude from Mama Stone

I am grateful for ?

Peach Tea

My Rocking Chairs on my front porch..Relaxing and Talking with my girls and hubby on that porch....

My precious Husband Shane who I take for granted everyday....He is my home sweet home and his shoulder is my pillow :)

My 3 sweet kids....They are my life and i live each day for them and their dad :)

That I'm not perfect, because imperfection is actually very beautiful

Spring....I think it is winning the season war with fall for me!

Family and Distant relatives who are miles away, but close in my heart....

Learning to trust myself and others...It's hard, but somebodies gotta do it :)

Not sweating the small stuff because everything is small stuff in the grand scheme of things!

God's love

My white linen pants...I could wear them everyday and not think twice about it! They were very inexpensive yet sooo royal to me! The make me feel sexy, beautiful, comfortable and free:) I love them :)

Don pablo's patio on a sunny spring sunday afternoon with 4 beautiful humans that i feel so treasured to be aquainted with

Mark twain...What a cool guy :)

Usher's YEAH :) it is just so much fun

Bobcats game dates nights with shane :( im gonna miss them!

Feeling lonely only to find my friend laying next to me! :)

a great life

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