Monday, March 22, 2010


Shane and I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas thanks to a business trip that was planned there by other regional reps! We had a great flight there...We acted silly in the airports and watched a movie on the flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Venetian Hotel which was beautiful....Thursday and Friday Shane was busy in meetings all day, so I relaxed enjoyed the spa and got an amazing massage at the Canyon River Ranch Spa and enjoyed a lovely lunch....I also was so excited to step into a Euphoria bath package which may I add was like dying and going to heaven...This spa had cool sauna's and showers and steam rooms that were soo neat and different than any other place I have ever been...It was truly the most relaxing two days of my entire life LOL :)....
Shane took me to see the Phantom of the Opera play on Thursday night...It was fun dressing up and we LOVED the play...We sang songs from the musical all week :)....I think I have actually convinced Shane that Broadway Musicals and Plays are awesome! We ate at the "FIRST" bar and grill at the palazzo which is next door to our hotel...I WAS STARVING! I had not ate all day so I got a huge bowl of spaghetti only to eat a few bites hehehehe...It was a great heaping of pasta and very yummy! Friday night we hit the streets and walked over 4 miles the wrong way LOL...ONLY ME! We shopped at the HUGE Fashion mall there which made South park mall look stupid, checked out the mirage hotel volcano and then ate some yummy steak at B.O.A. restaurant at Caesars Palace

..Saturday we wore ourselves out by walking the strip all day

Since we were tired from walking all day we stayed in our room Saturday night and order room service and watched a movie!

Sunday we flew to the AMAZING Grand Canyon....Once we got there we took a helicopter ride down into the canyon to the Colorado River...At the bottom we took a pontoon boat ride on the river which was sooooooo beautiful....We walked on the skywalk(a glass walkway) I was terrified.....We enjoyed the Indian Village and meeting a few Natives :)!

Sunday night we walked the Las Vegas strip again enjoying a yummy dinner at Hard Rock Las Vegas "The Strip" then we road the Huge Roller coaster at New york New york Hotel...It was a blast...We hit every casino and hotel that we could possible hit in one night just to experience it...This was our favorite night! We watched the beautiful fountain at the Bellagio....

The next day we were exhausted, but we made it to the airport with an hour to spare till our flight took off...Too bad when we got there we had to wait in line and by the time we approached the self check in computer Delta closed our gate! YAY US! Needless to say we waited in the service line for 2 1/2 hours then ended up being rerouted to the midnight flight and ended up having to stay in the LAS VEGAS airport for 12 hours and we had to pay 200 bucks...WONDERFUL :) LOL..
.We stayed up all day and night...Left Vegas at 12:30 am Pacific time got to Minneapolis at 5:30 central time and Flew into Atlanta at 9:30 am Eastern standard time....We finally got home to GSP at 12:30 pm Eastern Standard time :) LOL....WE WERE SOOO TIRED! All in All our trip went well....We were ready to come home and we are not anxious to go back to vegas anytime soon, but we had fun and made memories :)!

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