Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am thankful for:

The opportunity to take my children to shows of different variety's (such as Trans siberian orchestra/ Royal England Phil Harmonic(starwars concert) Rockette (ballet, tap, jazz dancing, singing and story telling) to expose them to the fine arts and entertainment and to allow them the chance to learn how to behave in that type of setting and to learn an appreciation of the arts....

Our house

my bed tonight

Godspeed (lullaby)

Sesame Street Live and the look on my little hay's face when big bird and cookie monster came out :)!

Melting Pot with my girls and the rockette show! :) the nativity scene made me cry!

Dancing with Hayden to "don't worry be happy" I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song and it makes me soooo happy when i sing it or listen to it!


Pb and J pumps from gnc

my gym (my motto) working out doesn't make time for you, you make time for it! no matter what!

Les from 101 home furnishing's I call him tom and he calls me wanda :) he makes me laugh!

That my friend malia is okay from her awful wreck she had! Blessing be poured out on her!

Caley made it through another surgery and is doing good....She is so brave and strong!

movie channels and that stupid ground hog movie what ?!?!? is that about again? LOL

Christmas time

Santa Claus

Oh yeah the most important of them all


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proudarmywife said...

I love you and am thankful for you sweet friend!!!