Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Beautiful Autumn Weekend

What a great weekend...Friday night Shane and I went out to stax peppermill with our friends jj and mailia :) we had a great time and the food was YUMMY! Afterward we caught the movie "Couples Retreat"it was so good and surprisingly sweet! I really loved Vince Vaughn in this film....
Saturday was so nice..We slept in and then rode over to Anderson to the Jockey Lot....We ate some yummy bbq at Sonny's and then relaxed saturday night...I actually did a 2 hour hard core cardio workout....I increased the levels and also added some running into the workout....I have been doing 2/3 days of core/weight/strength workouts....It is intense but i feel like superwoman after those workouts.... :) I workout everyday and If I miss i try to make up by doing extra cardio...I am still loving my workouts and sports club :)!!!!
Sunday was awesome....My dear friend Caley came over and watched my 3 babies all day for Shane and I to go to the Panthers/Redskins game...It was so fun....They actually won and the game was intense the entire time...I LOVE games like that...Especially when they keep you on the edge of your seat instead of watching the birds above LOL :)! The game started with a group of precious special children dancing and singing to high school musical..Then Deangelo Williams mom came out with other breast cancer survivors and shared a presentation...All of the Panthers had on pink cleates and pink arm bands....they also had pink ribbons on their jerseys and helmets....The Topcat cheerleaders had pink pom poms Even Topcat himself Had a hotpink bandana on his head :)....So awesome to see such support for Breast Cancer awareness...LOVE THE PANTHERS :)!!!!! GO PANTHERs :)
I enjoyed spending time with my sweet Shane....He is so good to me and I know He loves me so much...I am so blessed to have such a man in my life....He has always been so good to me....I am so thankful for him :)!!!!! He still rocks my socks :) hehehehe after almost 11 years...I love you Shane :)

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