Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Middle of the Week :) Gratitude

God's Love
God's Grace
The Blood Of Jesus
Jesus my true friend
Blessings from Heaven
Friendships ordained by God
My Family
Sports Club Gym Five Forks
Rocking my baby hayden to sleep and the opprotunity to sing to him
Hot air balloons :)
I am thankful for:Gene's Fried Moon PIes :) GOOD LORD HAVE MERCY
My Precious Husband
Fall/Halloween :) So fun
Tinkerbell and The Disney Fairies
Spending time with my beautiful Little Ladies
My Home (thank you Jesus)
Sweet Neighbors
Marvin the Orange Kitty Cat in our Neighborhood I LOVE HIM!
Fall Festivals
Halloween Parties
Panthers Football
Bobcats Nba Basketball
Charlotte NC
Apple Computers
Sherri Shepard's Show on Lifetime...I LOVE HER :)
My sweet friends from Spratanburg I love you all
My saying "JUST SAYIN" LOL

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