Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just random Thoughts of THanks!

*for whitney houston's new cd...she has always been my favorite lady singer :) I LOVE HER and I am glad she is doing better :) also michael buble's new cd :) and my cousin's band mr. citzen
*itunes and apple :) computers, laptops, iphones, ipods...I LOVE MAC!
*for joe wilson screaming out at the president...i don't agree with the way he did it, but i agree with his statement!
*patience this afternoon as i spent 2 hours driving back and forth dropping off and picking up my girls from all of their activities
*buckle :) i think we own a share of that place :) we should start our own store!
*my sweet dance yesterday afternoon in my kitchen with my shane to the fray :) i wanna dance with him everyday for the rest of my life!
*hayden being as big as the 2 and 3 year old kids...PRICELESS...trying to explain to mom's why he is bigger than their kids, but acts like a one year old is so fun :) LOL
*my friends from atlanta who i miss...
*my friends from spartanburg who i love
*Andrea :) glad she is not moving :O uh oh...selfish of me but all the same I so glad!
*Hannah tumbling :) LOL like looking in a mirror :) a beautiful mirror...she is a sweet doll baby who is growing way to fast!
*gracie dancing..She is a natural my sweet baby girl...she is turning 6 :( i remember her being in her little dance class at 2 with big yummy curls in her hair and her little mermaid dance costume! SO SWEET :)
*Dvr :)
*that i am finally finished with that God awful saga called twilight! OH yeah I loved it :) and I am team Edward :)
*Sports club
*Yoga class...My teacher ms jini :) i love her she is so cute :)

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