Monday, September 21, 2009

Gracie's Birthday Party

Today was a whirlwind: It started off with changing up the plans of a backyard garden tea party for Gracie; to bringing it inside, so Shane and I did our best to set everthing up in our dining room.....Glad we had the space to do it....Then, I cleaned up the house, got us all ready and we went to Newspring Church...It was nice being back this Sunday since we missed last Sunday for the football game...Hayden had a meltdown in his class at the church so we left early and got lunch, balloons and Gracie's cake....Gracie's party was so fun...She wanted a garden tea party so her cake was a tinkerbell fairy cake w/ tink coming out of a flower :)...Gracie wanted us to paint flowers on everyone's cheek and bumble bee's on each nose...:) so cute...I let Hannah and her friends do this :)...Our craft was a flower and flower pot :)..Got this idea from someone a few years ago at church, but I made it even easier....This craft was so easy especially with the 5 and 6 year olds....We had tea and a light snack for food and all the girls played in gracies very unique play nook..It is a 6 year old girls dream :)!!! LOL....All in all it was a fun time and the party went great. Even though we didn't get to play outside and eat under our gazebo/canopy, Gracie had a blast and so did her friends; so that is all that matters...
The girls working on the flower pots...After the big girls painted their faces :)

It was so nice to have so much help from all the tweens :)

My Hannah is so pretty and was such a help too..All the older girls helped pass out the food :) it was great :)

Gracie about to blow out her candles ;)

One second after Gracie blew out her candles :)
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Gracie opening some american girl clothes for her bitty baby and bitty twins....She had no idea that she was going to get the Real doll :)....

Hayden is being a "typical" boy LOL

Gracie was so excited about this gift...She had no clue it was an American Girl doll.

Gracie was so excited about her first American Girl Doll...She has the bitty baby from AG and the Bitty(blonde girl and boy) Twins, but has always wanted one of the big dolls like Hannah's 2 dolls....She got the "just like me" American Girl...She named her Maddie :) since that is Gracie's name :) LOL and her doll has light brown hair with freckles, blue eyes and it's ear's pierced :)....So sweet...

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