Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer's Ending

I can't believe that summer break is coming to an end...WOW! it has flown by this year...We have had a wonderful time this summer; new york, savannah, playdates, hanging out with friends, fun family times, beach trip that was amazing, fun concerts and yard projects, swimming in our neighborhood pool, hayden taken his first steps, Hannah turning 10 and Gracie learning to jump in the deep end of the pool :)...Our summer has been beautiful.....God has been so good to us inspite of our weaknesses...He has truly blessed us with time to spend together as a family and precious time it has been...

Hannah starts 5th Grade Wednesday and Gracie is in All Day Kindergarten...Just me and the Hayster all morning...We will miss our little ladies! Hannah is starting Gymnastics and wants to join Chrous...(that makes me happy) :) then Gracie is going to start tumbling and another year of dance combo classes (ballet/tap/jazz)
I still haven't found a toddler football league or Hayden would be playing LOL! We went to Academy sport's and had to run down the football isle and Hayden went crazy saying "BAll" over and over until i gave him one....As soon as he got it in his hands he threw it right at me like he was Eli Manning :) HAHAHAHAHAHA i am still recovering :)
I am the luckiest mom to have 3 amazing, fun, smart and beautiful children...God help me to be the best mom that I can be to such blessings in my life :)!

Started really searching for a church for our family....We have been attending our home church; that we used to be on staff at just to kind of breath before heading out to start on our church search...It is a first for us to try out churches and something we really don't enjoy, but we are praying that God leads us to a place He would have us...

Shane and I still hit the workout pretty hard...I have gotten down to a size 4/6 and currently weigh under 135lbs....Now my goal is to focus on the weights and core and maintaining using this method.....i have been doing way too much cardio and no weights...doing weights the right way will lean me up in the mom of 3 area's i need leaning :) LOL....I love working out....it is a HUGE stress reliever! LOVE IT :) Shane is getting buff...where i lift the girlie weights LOL to keep me tone and lean he is lifting the strongest man weights LOL...I swear he could win a competition in the strongest man contest LOL...He is never been so muscular and strong as he is now...it is awesome :) i love his trainer Wink Wink :) LOL thanks dude :) No really I do thank God for the Health and the Strength to be able to work out and stay fit and healthy...I pray that He continues to help us to stay strong physically so we can work on our spritual strength as well :)...we need a lot of work there...But don't we all :)

I love our house and neighborhood and beautiful yard...It is the best neighborhood in this area...I love it! :) What a blessing for us as a family to have a sanctuary....Thank you Jesus...

We are looking forward to Panthers games this year...Shane got us psl's so we will be going to every home game :) and bobcats tickets as well..Love Panthers and Bobcats :)....We have some fun things planned for the next few months for the family :) it is going to so much fun...I think shane has the u2 concert lined up for us and Miley cirus for the girls :) I am kind of excited about that one...I love her just as much as they do :)

We have a lot to look forward to this school year, but this summer has been the most amazing ever...God is so good to us...We don't deserve his blessings, the love that we feel and the family and friends that we have...But I am so thankful for all of it and for even the fun and silly things we get to do to...it might only be for a season, but It is sooo wonderful! God is Good!

Oh yeah I love my man...he is the love of my life and the breath that i breathe...I can't imagine my life without him....:) and I know you all hate my mushy blogs about him so i'll keep it quick...I am more in love with him than ever!!!! :) Thank you Lord for this good man that you brought me :) K i'm done for now :)LOL I love you shane :)

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