Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Myrtle Beach Trip 2009 4th day :)

We had so much fun today...We decided to head to the amusement park and then it rained and rained so the girls picked to hang out at the east of chicago pizza place it was so much fun..the girls got to make their very own pizza...Afterward we took the girls to the mall to bungee since the ones at broadway were wet...They BEGGED us..Gracie beat out Hannah at the bungee jump with flipping a ton while Hannah didn't HEHEHE :)! We we got finished Shane stayed back at the house with our napping boy and the girls and I headed out to the beach for some seashell hunting..We found a perfect shell and it was huge :)...We headed to Planet Hollywood for dinner and walked around my favorite place beside the beach "Broadway at the Beach" I love that place sooo much...I could go there every night and just walk around in the cool breeze and chill...LOVE IT :) Shane went to the Magic store HAHAHAHAHA he has a few tricks up his sleeve now :) LOL

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