Saturday, July 11, 2009

Girls Savannah Trip

Hannah, Pam, Tina and Me decided to go to Savannah, Georgia for a couple of days to get away and have some girl time :)! We laughed until we couldn't breath and cried and had a wonderful time talking about God's goodness and just being silly also!

Me and Hannah On the Way to Savannah...We were excited to go over the bridge :) LOL

The View From Our Hotel Room...The Savannah River was Beautiful

We had So much fun in the Historic District....We Loved the Chocolate/Candy/Fudge/Ice Cream stores LOL YUMMY! :)

We Had So much fun getting spa pedicure's and Watching Hannah get her first set of nails :)

We Loved this restaurant and enjoyed our first moroccan experience :) We learned to belly dance :) LOL and Laughed till we cried at this place :)

Me, Tina and Pam doing the "CRAZY EYE'S" You SOOOOOOO had to be there...It was a pee in your pants from laughin kind of moment :) LOL

Me trying to belly dance BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

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