Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fight Like A Girl!

Every other week or so I get together for lunch with 5 beautiful Ladies that I had the honor of meeting because of ridge pointe....These girls have become dear to me and I am so thankful for them! One of them is dealing with having to get chemo and breast cancer right now, but she is a super hero and inspires me :)!....Anyway I just wanted to give a shout out to my cinco girls from spartanburg county who I appreciate dearly...Here are some pics from our lunch...we sported our fight like a girl shirts...:) We missed two of the girls and they aren't in these pics, but we'll get them next time HEHEHEHE, I look forward to our next lunch and our time to just laugh and enjoy being together and watching our friendship's grow! Please Keep my friend Lori on your prayer list...Some friends of Lori's are selling pampered chef and donations from the sell's are going to the american cancer association...I plan on buying something soon and if anyone reading is interested in donating toward this cause or in purchasing pampered chef items please email me at stonecandace@hotmail.com and I can get you in contact with those putting this awesome fundrasier...This is all to honor Lori and will help cancer research!!!!

Nicole, Me, Lori, Gracie, Hayden and Logan (Lori's son)

Gracie and Logan (so cute)

Lori with Hay Hay

Logan with His mama's new hair...:) HEHEHE

Ms. Lori Trying to teach Hayden to walk... :)


proudarmywife said...

Aww....great blog and AWESOME group of girls/friends! I'll definitely be there next time and I'll let you take a pic of me, LOL! Missed ya'll..LOVE YA'LL!!

Anonymous said...

I Love You too Candy Stone!!! I can't believe I let you take my picture... guess it really doesn't matter:) I love our lunch dates too and I love seeing the babies. Probably won't let Logan skip school next time... he makes me crazy:) Thanks for the pampered chef shout out too. MMMUUUAAAHHH
Love, Lori