Monday, April 20, 2009


Last night Pastor Noble spoke on "The Gospel" again.... This is a series that is going on at new spring....It is a continuation of the sermon on the mount...I LOVE hearing the words of Jesus! I have been so blessed and touched to see yet another awesome group of ppl give their heart to Jesus Last night...It was amazing to sit and hear them as they prayed the sinner's prayer...I could hear the change happening already in the one's praying it around me..WOW so awesome! ....Pastor Noble spoke to "THE so called Christians" last night and I promise for a second I could close my eye's and see that old baptist preacher in the tent revival that my grandfather went to as a know the one where He preached on hell and you knew you were going if you didn't get right...YEAH that one...So just picture that amazing and anointed preaching, power packed and God inspired with a 2009 relevancy ...SO GOOD! I know i already said this but I was in tears yet again just listening to the voices say a prayer; asking Jesus to come into their hearts..WOW....Loving The Revelation song every Sunday SOOOO GOOD!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! I can almost hear the angels singing HOLY HOLY HOLY :)! I am putting on my song list...Hope u like :)!

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