Tuesday, April 7, 2009



*..Glad Hayden decided to stay in the nursery both services sunday...I love the terrified look i get from him, when I pick him up!!! the poor guys and girls sunday night looked like that had fought a round or two with Ali....LOL and then hayden is all frantic like LOL It's great, but I have no remorse in leaving him and will continue to do so with the Joy of my Precious Lord :) LOL hehehehe
*Joined the Sport Club as a family and have officially decided to go there every day and drop the kids off for two hours even if i don't work out LOL HEHEHEHE just kidding!!! No i do plan on sitting at the smoothie bar with my "All I need is Jesus" Book and be a witness LOL :)...Who says I can't witness and have peace and quite too LOL...NO seriously...I am looking forward to getting toned up and stronger muscles to tote my big hayden boy around better....YOu know you need strength training when your 28 lb baby is slowly sliding down your side toward your feet as you say, " oh no I totally have him...he isn't that heavy" LOL
*So glad I didn't break my neck at the Neighborhood Easter egg hunt...For those that don't know..I am the most clumsy and careless person you might meet...Susan off of Desperate Housewives YEAH that is me..... combine that with rose off of golden girls and well i am hopeless! SO i am not cool and I am a total dork...I was trying to make a good first impression i guess with our neighbors LOL and Me making a good impression HAHAHAH is me falling on my tail and busting my face open LOL....So I have these sunglasses that take up my entire face, which blocks my amazing view of any and everything in my path...I walk over to speak to all the moms with kids Hannah's age and as I am walking back toward shane, Hayden and Gracie; you guessed it I tripped over a HUGE RED wagon....First Off How do you MISS a wagon (SHAKING MY HEAD) I caught myself before I fell, but turned to see if anyone saw and Of course they did...So Lovely and Graceful me will forever be known as the dummy that tripped over, just the biggest freakin wagon ever LOL :) But oh am i thankful i didn't break anything :)
*Went to the Gym today and got on the treadmill...had the ppl at the front desk page someone ("OVER THE LOUD SPEAKER" not embarrassing at all) to help learn a couple of the machines...So guess what...all you have to do is press the green button on the screen to start and the rest is simple direction "ANYONE" can follow LOL...YEAH i got a personal trainer to meet me from across the entire health club to tell me to press the green button LOL ONLY ME! but I am so thankful I know now to "PRESS THE GREEN BUTTON" :)
*That being a total and obvious nerd who is clumsy and ridiculous is really not all that bad....I mean at least I am a sorta kinda Hot Nerd LOL or at least shane thinks so :) (Rolling my eye's and giggling)
*That I didn't have to ask where the start button was on the tanning bed LOL
* Hannah get her talking from me, Gracie gets her tripping from me, Hayden gets his pulling his hair out from me :) and I am so thankful they have some of my traits LOL :)
* That my bed is not judgemental of my stupidity :) LOL nite nite

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