Wednesday, March 18, 2009


*Excited about the new house, being back in simpsonville and near shane's memaw and parents...
*The amazing painter who came at a wonderful price :)
*Our amazing and God given health insurance...SO awesome...Found out today that our insurance saves a ton of money not only at the doc, hospital, but at the pharmacy....a prescription that was 109 bucks was only 23 bucks b/c of the insurance :) thank you Lord :)i always handed my card but NEVER thought it was that big of a savings LOL
*My Grandma! I love her so much
* God's Love and Grace in my Life
* My wonderful husband who i love so much, He is my home sweet home :)
* My three beautiful and sweet children...I love them so much and I am so grateful for the opprotunity to be their momma :)....I will be holding them a lot tighter after hearing about sweet little william today :(!
* 101 Home Furnishings (awesome store in greer ) :) got the best deals in town!
*my sweet friends :) caley, nicole and kristy :) I love you 3 and I look forward to years of friendship with you all!!!!


Living the Dream said...

Awww.I love you! I am so grateful that god brought us together. Good friends are hard to find once you grow up and i am so thankful for you!

wrknprogress said...

Love you too girl!!!