Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tonight was so much fun with my girls...If you don't know already...I am a horrible baker! I would love to know how to bake well, but I seem lack the know how to successfully pull off a "made from scratch" baked good, at least so for.... Unless it is however Betty Crocker or frozen :)...So i decided this year was the year to make sugar cookies from scratch LOL....I had all my ingredient's, or so i thought....Until i got them all out read the directions again and realized "DUH" i didn't have baking powder..See, to you pros out there you KNOW that baking powder is one of if not the most important part of the sugar cookie...LOL so after calling some talented friends and family i decided to put my sugar cookie adventure on hold and try Katie's Famous Peanut Butter EASY cookies (YEAH RIGHT)....The girls pitched in and did most of the work

BUT i forgot to add one ingredient on the recipe sheet and just decided to fill in the blank myself LOL...I have done this before and come out with strawberry beef stroganoff ;) so i tried to stay away from anything crazy and just stuck with the basics....I might have got a little carried away :)!!!! Needless to say...I burnt the first batch, but we made the second batch look very good
...NOW the taste is another story....All that aside, I had fun with my girls..hayden napped and we danced, sang Christmas carols got flour, peanut butter and eggs everywhere...it was a blast.
..I look forward to baking again with the sugar cookies and hopefully this practice run with the peanut butter cookies will bring forth some yummy cookies ;)!!!!

The Girls also made a Gingerbread House and Train.....

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Survivor0626 said...

I'm not Martha Stewert either when it comes to baking. And these will be some of the most precious memories you will never forget. They far out weigh the gift of baking. Merry Christmas!!