Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sweet Saturday

Slept in this morning and then headed out for lunch with my friend allison and her boys eli and bleeze...the kids got their on booth :) so cute...they had a blast...thanks allison for the cute clothes for hayden and awesome coat for him....
here are the kids pics and hayden with his coat on :)

After Lunch me and the kids headed to belk to pick out hannah's dress for her piano recital tuesday...she is so excited and her dress is beautiful...I had a blast with my girls shopping it was nice to finally shop in peace with my girls....Hayden was a trooper :)....He was asleep HEHEHEHEHE

this afternoon we took it easy and rested then headed out with shane to find hannah some shoes for her new dress and he surprised me with dinner at red lobster....met a waitress who has 3 kids and is working part time a couple of times a week to help out with the finances...her hubby is self employed in construction she said work was slow and so she is helping out a little....she touched my heart and shane's....he was so awesome and left an amazing you would be proud....shane usually leaves really good tips...but he out did himself i don't think you can out give any time....even the bible says this....give and it shall be given.....I love to give not to get but just because....hey God is so good to me and sharing/giving rocks.... try it will bless you!

now i am doing laundry and fixing to feed my little man he is fussing...hope he sleeps tonight because we have an early morning...

God bless

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