Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa Pics and Earring's For Gracie Pics

Tonight was great...We headed to Haywood Mall for our annual pictures with santa...Hannah has done it every year since her first christmas...This is her 10th Christmas :)...SO we keep up the tradition...

Gracie has been after us for 2 weeks to let her have her ears pierced I would have rather had nails put in my head then take her because I KNEW she would scream...AND she did...She was so brave and then that bravery turned into terror...I told her she didn't have to do it, but then she screamed to get it done! OH LORD :) LOL HEHEHEHEHEHEHE so we fought with her and she was so happy afterward....DRAMA MAMA :) LOL
Some Doubt Prior Too

Right Before The Meltdown

She REALLY wanted the pierced LOL :)

Thankful Thoughts
*My very small window of chill time this afternoon
*A garage to get in and out of in the rain...How wonderful!
*Our 10th Year of Santa PIcs So precious...
*Hayden's First Christmas Pic with Santa :)
*Gracie surviving her ear's being pierced...
*Us surviving Gracie's Screams LOL
*The Mall Officers for not Hauling Gracie to Jail LOL

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