Thursday, December 18, 2008

Enjoying The Warm Weather Sorta !??!

I really don't enjoy warm weather in December, But it was nice today to be able to shop and not freeze my butt off ;) not that it is going anywhere anytime soon, but :) in the great words of Lori C..."I'm Just sayin" LOL (I LOVE LORI'S SAYINGS) anyway...Got all the Christmas shopping done and enjoyed my time with shane :) He is going 150 mph right now so that alone time means a lot :)!

When I got home Me, Hayden and the Girls headed out for a walk....We enjoyed being outside and the unseasonable warm weather just for today :)...Hayden had his first time being outside as a "Big Boy" HEHEHEHE and I enjoyed watching the girls burn up some energy from all the cookies we have been eating :) HEHEHEHEHEHE...
Here is Hannah and Gracie scareing a poor neighbor cat

Hayden Enjoying the Fresh air

Hannah and Gracie riding scooters! Loving the Outdoors

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