Saturday, November 29, 2008


Our Thanksgiving was the best yet! I had all 3 of my beautiful children with me and wonderful family together...We got to enjoy an amazing meal in our new home! Watched the favorite thing to do....enjoyed our dinner and sat out on our back porch and enjoyed the beautiful day! AHHHHH...thanksgiving night we put up a cute christmas tree in our family room upstairs and danced to christmas music :) sooo much fun....we also enjoyed our yearly trip to hollywild which is about 2 miles down the road from our house! :)

we moved in and got everything ready in 2 days :) i am so tired, but enjoying our new house and look forward in putting up our christmas tree and just relaxing the next couple of days...Taking the girls to see Disney on ice....Shane surprised his girls (me included) with floor tickets to this girls are gonna pass out :) LOL just like i did and michael buble :) LOL hehehehe he surprised me with that and now surprising the girls....Gracie is gonna cry tears of joy when she see's ariel up close! I can't wait to see my babies face!

I am thankful for:

My beautiful family

Another amazing thanksgiving with our family

God's Love toward me and his amazing grace

Our new house

Mork and Mindy reruns :) LOL i loved that show when i was a kid...scifi is showing it :) so cool :) hehehehehehe

Christmas season

it took us buying a new house, but pee wee is finally groomed and cleaned after 3 years LOL just wanted to let Jason M. know HEHEHEHEHEHE pee wee doesn't have doo doo stuck to his butt anymore LOL HEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE

my amazing bed and the awesome comforter i just is soooooooooooooooooo big and comfy :)

nite nite :)

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