Monday, November 17, 2008


I haven't been doing this very good so i wanted to take the time out today! I am thankful for:
* My family
*My Suv...Although very dirty it is all in all a nice vehicle to haul us stones around in!
*My Shane and the amazing message that was brought yesterday...It was so good!
*Charlie's Diner YUMMY
*Ridge Pointe Church and The Awesome crowd...yesterday!
*Spartanburg Herald and the BUZZ it has brought our church
*The James Bond movie (which i actually liked)
* Jaime W's Birthday party at Pump it Up...I love that place...I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!
*Home Groups...They are pretty amazing and encouraging...I can't wait for our's tomorrow night! I love our home group and the awesome families in it..Williams,Rogers,Yates,Crookes...Thanks for hosting it everyweek rogers family during this first home group session. Excited to hear the other groups doing well too!
*God's Hand on our life even when we think it's not!
*Jaime,Mitch,Anthony and Caley for standing up for Our Vision on the Spartanburg Herald Website Comment section under our article :) you guys are awesome
*Home Sweet Home
*UFC LOVE watching this!!! so fun! ITs HAMMER FIST TIME!

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