Saturday, November 1, 2008

my 5

1. Realized I need to put me and my family first! Something I don't do!

2. Spent the WHOLE day with my family YAY! it was so nice..

3. Went to union...MY GIRLS HAD A BLAST

4. Blessings from the Lord...

5. Learned That walls and bounderies aren't so bad and are actually very important in the life of a pastor's wife and her family... why it took me 10 years to figure this out!?!?! i will never know :) LOL you would think after growing up in a pastor's home and being a pastor's wife for 10 years that it would have registered...I am obviously slow learner :), but Ladies who read my blog that are pastor's wives...(I know who you are because i call you my dearest of friends and sisters) I will be posting more on this learning process i am in right now :) LOL and the rules from a pretty awesome book for church planter's wife, but any pastor's wife can use! Quote from an amazing pastor's wife I know "When I learned to take care of my family and husband and myself, I learned a lot"

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