Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Anthony just came and got shane to take him to gsp...He is headed out to L.A. for a business meeting for his business...I am so proud of my shane. At the same time I wish they could have just done the day and 1/2 meeting via Ichat :) LOL...I know that it is good for him to meet the company face to face and it will be so cool meeting those guys for shane since he has talked with them over the phone for 8 years, but still......I pray safety on his LONG flight out there...he has a 12 hour flight back :) glad i didn't go with him...YUCK! I will pick him up for GSP Saturday night ;)...Praying for Protection and safety for my husband as he travels to the pacific coast!

It is hard to believe we were getting ready to be married 10 years ago.
I think back 10 years and remember how young we were WOW...I never would have ever imagined my shane 10 years later on a major business trip to L.A. LOL or that we would have had 3 kids WHAT?!?! or been youth/children pastor's in virginia and charleston, pastored 3 churches, executive pastor's in greenville twice and planted a church plus moved 12 times all in 10 years....Now here we are...Married 10 years, 30, God has blessed us with a marriage that has blossomed into something so beautiful, loving and precious, something so rare these days, we have had 3 amazing children, experienced all aspects of ministry and have the chance to pastor a growing church, finally serious about settling down and buying a house and thanks to God we have the chance to enjoy and partner on a small, successful business. God has been so good to us and we are blessed beyond measure...10 years has brought laughter, huge tears, mountains and valleys, but through it all :) We have learned to Trust in God and know that in everything to Thank God, Turn to God and Know that He is the author and the finisher of our faith..So here we are 10 years later :)

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