Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Give Thanks Unto The Lord

I am so grateful and blessed...So here are a few things i would love to shout out thanks for this day!

...I am thankful for....

...Hayden not getting hurt seriously after falling from the car seat to the floor...Which was on the dining room table

...My Amazing Breakfast with a Precious Friend

...The Retarded Tooth Fairy :) LOL OMG

...That God Is With Me and leads me to make the right decisions

...Our 6 week session in the Rogers Home Group...I heard that others have gone well too, but this past few weeks meeting on Tuesday night for me and Shane have be so encouraging...I have been blown away at the men in our home group and also in our church as a whole...We have a freaking awesome group of men in our church...Shannon tonight touched my heart when he stated that he was so glad he decided to come and be apart of the group these 6 weeks and that he didn't know how much fun hanging out with church folk could be....He asked "What we talking bout next Tuesday" even though we are taking a break for the holidays seeing the enthusiasm and excitement on the men's eyes about getting together for the next session was so cool to me! and the discussion really blessed and encouraged me and my husband...I look forward to more home group times :)


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