Friday, October 24, 2008

My Day So Far

It has been super quite around here without my little girls, but Hayden has enjoyed my 100 percent attention...He has been so congested the past few days and snotty. Sneezing and breathing with a rattle and hoarseness in his little voice. Thank goodness he is feeling better, but I have felt pretty crappy today! I must say it has been nice just hanging around the house doing nothing much. I played with Hayden for the longest time. He is so adorable with his little laugh and toothy that shines through his precious smile. I love that sweet boy so much, ahhhh...He takes his mama's breath away :).

I ate some yummy soup warm on my throat and watched the view and a little oprah...LOVED el divo singing "amazing grace' it brought a tear to my eye....making some cheesy chicken and rice in the crock pot for me and shane to eat tonight. Looking forward to it :) YUMMY

Just going to chill for the rest of the afternoon and evening...Hopefully I will start feeling better...UGGG i feel achey and snotty yucky blah blah blah!

well i am gonna jet and go lay down while hayden is napping :)

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wrknprogress said...

Sorry that your not feeling well! I am praying that you feel better soon! Love ya girl!