Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am Thankful For:

A very nice washer and dryer....I did 4 loads of laundry...washed,folded and put away :) i am must say...Love my awesome washer and dryer!

Food Lion! LOVE Food Lion in Inman...I love this place simply because i can pick up my oldest from school and go straight to a brand new, clean, cheap grocery store right down the road from my house!!! LOVE IT!

Hannah and Her love for horseback riding...She is amazing every week but today especially...she rode a different horse who tested her, but Hannah stood her ground and took control!!!

Home group and how i truly enjoy getting together with the Rogers family, Williams, Yates, Crookes and talking about God :) so cool to see all the men get involved with the conversation!!! LOVE home group!! thank you rogers family for opening your amazingly beautiful home every week...I am also thrilled about all the cool stuff and exciting news from the other groups...so neat...and what a great turn out!

My Beautiful Bed...I have been going strong since the crack of dawn from Hayden's first whimper this morning!!! I am tired but so blessed to have a wonderful place to lay my head!!!

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