Monday, September 15, 2008

tee shirt and jeans kind of day!

Monday's have become somewhat of a chill day for me...Ya know, the no make up, don't brush my hair, tee shirt and jeans kinda days!!! :) I just been enjoying my sweet kids today :) Hayden is so funny ;)

Hannah has been getting more and more homework!!! we were worried about her not having a lot!!!! LOL HEHEHEHEHHE NOT!!!! she is officially and according to her!!! a tween

Today I have chilled!!! Gracie woke up screaming not wanting to go to school, but with shane's brute strength we got her out the door :) Hayden is sleeping through the night so he woke up at 7:15am in a good mood.... Thank goodness one of the three kids were in a good mood this morning... I assume the big day yesterday did them in, but it was a wonderful day :) AHHHH i love rpc!!!

We had an amazing and beautiful day yesterday!!!! Got to dedicate my Hay Hay to Jesus and was truly touched by my pastors message on maximizing the volume...Our communion yesterday was the best I have every experienced and you could feel the amazing power of God during this event! The Newcomers Class was so exciting we had outstanding group become a part of Ridge Pointe officially last night and it was extraordinary :) I enjoyed getting to know all the couples and families!!!! Looking forward to the next newcomers class :)

So I am off to go chill some more and take care of these 3 kids :) Be blessed today :)

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