Sunday, August 3, 2008

-left here at 8 am to go get furniture from atl OH LORD
-got to state line and shane didn't have a wallet nor did i...
-came back home and started over again
-ikea is a mad house!!! but i loved it!...just not with all the furniture we had to get and 3 kids that including a 3 month old on the trip
-so we leave at 3 with "PLENTY" of time to get to the wedding i was suppose to sing at only we didnt count 2 tractor trucks colliding UGGGG...Nor did we count on the a GPS that is broke! SCREAM isn't even close to what i wanted to do!
-so we missed a really awesome wedding and I am a dirty dog and have vowed to NEVER sing or commit to sing in another wedding!!! I am soo sorry dee and and brittani!!!! and JOHN omg I love you all PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! I know that John pulled it was only a verse of mine so i know he did awesome without me but still!!! UGGGG
-soo we unloaded and it looks awesome! SOOO Beautiful

-today i got to hang out with Regan in the nursery! i love that girl!!!! i am telling you she is awesome! it is so refreshing to see her and josh be so commited to the vision and bonnie is a rockstar....So glad to see Evodia everyweek volunteering she is amazing and I headed to the kids church this morning and didn't even know some of the volunteers...HOW COOL Is that.....! But i am so thankful for them and there commitment! WOW So COOL! I am so excited about all the new people and their willingness to volunteer and be a part!
- I got so ticked today I MEAN TICKED about the dumbest thing!!!!! ya know it is so easy to let ONE stupid thing that doesn't matter ruin an awesome day! sooo I had to pray and get over it! LOL cause there are always ALWAYS gonna be things that tick me off but I just got roll with it!!!! so my new slogan is THAT IS HOW WE ROLL LOL :) iDK i am a crazy nerd what can i say!
-I missed seeing my caley today! got to see sweet kristy but NOT caley!
-Oh Elisa GIRL come home! I MISS YOU!!! :) LOL no i am so serious!
-gonna miss my shane while he is gone :( I do not like being away from him! but oh well! He wants to make a difference in our organization and see change and jumping ship isn't they way to see change! staying the course is the way to go! at least for him! so he is going to meet up with some really awesome church planters in our organization and have some roundtables with them plus he will vote to make a difference...whether it does or not that is neither here nor there but at least he will vote and have some sort of a voice! That said...I will miss him but Do not care to go! :)

I have a busy week ahead, Gotta finish getting school supplies, clothes and get them registered WOW,and Hair cuts!!! plus gotta line up all their extra curricular activities! I can't believe school is almost in just seems like it got out last week...i can't believe Hayden is gonna be 3 months either! WOW! how time flies!
Ok so i gotta go my girls are fighting :) HEHEHEHEHE AHHHH the bliss of two girls :) WOW can't wait for the teen years :)
so glad Hayden is a boy! he is a very sweet boy too :) mellow and laid back!!! THANK GOD!

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Anonymous said...

I MISSED you too today girlie! I was like, "Where or where, can my Candy girl be"? LOL!! We definitely need to have a little visit this week before I leave to the beach(YAY!.
Love you girl!!