Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Baby

SO 3 months ago shane and i were super blessed with a beautiful baby boy named Hayden! He is so precious to me and shane and our girls call him their little prince...He is everthing i have ever wanted in a little baby boy!!!! He is so husky LOL and Today at Wal mart a lady stopped me and said "he looks like a little football player" and she is so right!!! his little shoulders are so massive HEHHEE and he always keeps his arms in a flexing postion like a little hulk!!! and Yes he gets his hulkness from mom!!! I have been known to turn into the hulk LOL HEHEHEHE J/K well I could smash you soo don't mess with me LOL hehehehehehehehe
anyway he is so adorable and i am so blessed to have a beautiful, chubby baby that smells like heaven and i am in love :)

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shane stone said...

happy birthday to my little man!!!